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Checkmate Scaling Blog/How To Get All-Star Game Opportunities for Your Player: A Guide for Sports Agents

How To Get All-Star Game Opportunities for Your Player: A Guide for Sports Agents

Friday, January 12, 2024

Let's delve into the intricacies of getting a player into an all-star game and address some crucial questions surrounding this process. Here are several key points to consider:

Does an All-Star Invitation Guarantee Draft Selection?

Not by a long shot. Many players mistakenly believe that an all-star invitation automatically translates to a higher likelihood of being drafted. It's crucial to communicate to your client that attendance alone won't suffice; they must excel, interview effectively, and demonstrate a commitment to making the most of this opportunity. Emphasize the importance of seeing it as an opportunity rather than an entitlement to avoid turning scouts off.

To Lobby or Not to Lobby?

Before advocating for a player to secure an all-star invite, understand two essential aspects: (a) such invites make players more attractive to rival agents, and (b) players perceive themselves as more significant prospects. To avoid losing a player to a competitor after successfully securing an invite, consider signing the player first before pursuing opportunities in all-star games.

Start Early to Stay Relevant

The landscape of all-star invitations has evolved rapidly in the past few years. By mid-December, prominent games like the Senior Bowl, Shrine Bowl, and NFLPA game have already seen a considerable number of acceptances. While the initial wave may be over, keep in mind that player availability may change, and opportunities still exist. Being proactive early in the process is essential to avoid missing out.

Don't Hesitate to Promote Your Client

Promoting your client to all-star game directors is a fundamental part of your role. Most directors understand this and are receptive to communication. While respecting their time is crucial, don't shy away from reaching out to them. Building relationships in the industry is vital for success, and establishing contacts within all-star game organizers is an excellent starting point.

What to Say When Promoting Your Player

When reaching out to all-star game directors, keep your queries friendly yet brief. Skip small talk, get straight to the point, and inquire about vacancies at specific positions. If your client is not on the list, graciously thank the director for their time and exit. If your client has an invitation to a rival game, inform the director, emphasizing your client's preference to play in their game.

Player Compensation in All-Star Games

While there is speculation about payments in some games, evidence is lacking. A few games have provided nominal compensation (around $100 for the week), but it's inconsistent. Advocacy for player compensation in all-star appearances exists, but financial challenges for organizers, especially in lower-tier games, make this a complex issue with no immediate resolution.

​Navigating the intricacies of all-star game opportunities requires diligence, effective communication, and a strategic approach to maximize your player's chances of success in the pre-draft process.

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