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Checkmate Scaling Blog/A Guide to Maximizing College All Star Games for Aspiring NFL Agents"

A Guide to Maximizing College All Star Games for Aspiring NFL Agents"

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Today, we conclude our discussion on all-star games, delving into crucial aspects like level-jumping, potential injuries, and scouting presence. As sports agents, mastering these elements is vital for maximizing opportunities for your clients.

Level-Jumping: Securing Opportunities and Avoiding Pitfalls

So, you've successfully landed your client a spot in an all-star game—fantastic! Now, it's time to level-jump and aim for an even better opportunity. It's widely accepted that aggressively pursuing upgraded game invitations is part of the process. However, prompt communication is key. A cautionary tale from the Hula Bowl in 2008 serves as a reminder of the consequences of mismanagement. Learn from past experiences and ensure a smooth transition by promptly notifying the previously committed game if a change is imminent. Avoiding unnecessary expenses and potential reputational damage should be at the forefront of your strategy.

But What About Injury?

Addressing concerns about potential injuries is a pivotal aspect of navigating all-star games. While there's a technical risk, it's crucial to recognize that the majority of prospects stand to lose more by abstaining from participation than by taking the field. In recent seasons, there has been a trend of players and agents carefully managing playing time before scouts. However, this approach is counterproductive. Instead, embrace the reality that gaining the attention of NFL evaluators is a formidable challenge. Every opportunity to showcase your client's skills counts, and a proactive approach can make a significant difference.

Assessing Scouting Presence

Determining the scouting presence at an all-star game is essential for making informed decisions. As a rule of thumb, games held before January or after the Senior Bowl may have limited scouting representation. Understanding the scouting landscape is crucial, especially during February, when NFL teams are engrossed in intense pre-NFL Combine meetings. While some games may attract only junior scouts, the HBCU Legacy Bowl stands out as an exception. Endorsed by the NFL and held just days before the Combine, this event mandates team representatives' attendance. Consequently, it becomes a must-consider option, unlike other late-cycle games that might not yield significant scouting exposure.

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